The way stories flow through your veins

Have you ever taken a yoga or tai chi class, and noticed that your body seems to have a zing at the end of it? Have you ever felt the tingles beneath your skin, the energy flowing? Or perhaps you have been to a meditation class and noticed, that when you bring focused attention to your body you start noticing all sorts of subtle sensations, that you weren’t aware of before.

Yogi’s call it prana, tai chi practitioners call it Chi; the life force that flows through every living thing.  According to Chinese philosophy, when chi flows easily, we feel healthy and the body can naturally heal ourselves. When chi is blocked we can experience illness.

Writing can give you that tingly, zingy feeling too, all you need to do is become aware of how your body feels as you write. Lie down with a notebook and pen, and write down one thought after another, focusing on how your body feels as you write. If a thought tenses your muscles, then focus on relaxing them. If you notice your breathing getting hurried, then bring some attention there until it slows and lengthens.

Keep writing your thoughts, and you may find that your focus heightens, and you are aware of more subtle sensations in your body. You may find discomfort or knots of tension, and a flurry of thoughts, that seem to come from a particular area.

As you drop deeper into concentrated focus on your body and your mind, your thoughts will start to flow more easily, and with more clarity. Ultimately chi, or prana, is a creative energy, and by bring your attention to it, you find the pathway to follow the thread of your words.

3 thoughts on “The way stories flow through your veins

  1. I’ve managed some yoga in the past but never thought to use a similar technique for writing. This sounds intriguing so I’m going to give it a go!
    Thanks Kate!

  2. I’ve never consciously linked that writing rush to physical sensations before either – intriguing!

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