Tokyo Kate

I am a writer, creative writing teacher, based in Basel, Switzerland. I have always been interested in the therapeutic nature of writing. In this blog, I’ll share my thoughts and ideas about the writing process, and share writing exercises that I use in my teaching.

I live in a small village just outside of Basel, with my husband, writer Toni Davidson, and our 4-year old daughter.

Since I became a mother I trained as a Hand in Hand parenting instructor and have written a book for parents,Tears Heal: How to listen to our children. If you are a parent you might also like my blog, Listening To Tears

If you’d like to get in touch use the contact form below.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Kate, what a wonderful blog! Mental Health and creativity go hand in hand. I use basic creative writing quite a bit in my Wellness Groups at a private Psychiatric Ward – it opens things up so very nicely 🙂 To me that’s very important, as conventional psych treatments very often kill the creative spark in people. My ‘first draft’ tutor also runs a creative writing course as a recovery tool for out patients. Keep up the good work.

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